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East Peoria Illinois Wedding at East Port Marina - Josh + Krista

Updated: Feb 26

Embarking on my first "official" wedding gig was a blend of excitement and nerves. It wasn't something I had initially planned for my business, but when Krista's brother, a close friend, referred her and Josh to me, I couldn't refuse. Little did I know, this experience would ignite my passion for wedding photography.

A groom smiles during their first look in East Peoria Illinois with David Raymond Photo

Krista and Josh's wedding at East Port Marina in East Peoria, Illinois was more than just a celebration of their love; it was a testament to the bonds of family. As their teenage children stood beside them, serving as the bridal party, the scene was heartwarming. It was a visual representation of the deep connection they shared, not only as a couple but also as a blended family.

The reception was filled with heartfelt moments as Krista and Josh's children took turns expressing their love and gratitude for their parents. Their stories illuminated the love and joy that radiated from the couple, leaving not a dry eye in the room, including mine.

For me, witnessing these authentic displays of love reaffirmed the power of photography to capture raw emotions. It was here that I fell in love with the idea of being a wedding photographer — to be a part of these intimate moments and immortalize them through my lens.

Krista and Josh's wedding sparked a newfound passion within me for storytelling through photography. It was an honor to document their love story and preserve the joy of their special day. I am grateful for the trust they bestowed upon me and the opportunity to create lasting memories for them.

In the end, my journey into wedding photography began with a leap of faith and a desire to help a friend. Little did I know, it would lead me down a path filled with love, laughter, and the art of capturing timeless moments.

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